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Clinical Research

    Clinical Research is the basic, applied, and translational research conducted to aid and support the body of knowledge in the field of medicine. Medical research has two general categories: the evaluation of new treatments for both safety and efficacy in what are termed Clinical Trials, and all other research that contributes to the development of new treatments. The goal is specifically to elaborate knowledge for the development of new drug therapeutic strategies. Research may be conducted in therapeutic areas such of diabetes, cardiovascular and oncology diseases.

    McInnis Inc. places clinical research professionals in positions like:

    - Medical Research Associate
    - Clinical Research Coordinator
    - Research Assistant
    - Senior Medical Research Associate
    - Clinical Scientist
    - Regional Clinical Research Monitor
    - Clinical Monitor Lead
    - Trial Manager Lead
    - Associate Director



    Medical professionals have an extensive range of career opportunities available to them. McInnis Inc. focuses on recruiting highly knowledgeable and experienced candidates for positions that emphasize the administrative and consulting opportunities available to medical professionals.

    McInnis Inc. places individuals in positions like:

    - Director Patient Care Services
    - Nursing Administrator
    - Medical Office Nurse
    - Staff Nurse
    - Patient Biller Coder
    - Patient Advocate
    - Medical Assistant
    - Medical Technologist
    - MRI Technologist
    - Care Coordinator RN
    - Medical Director
    - Associate Medical Director
    - Clinical Nurse Specialist
    - Clinical Resource Management
    - Clinical House Manager
    - Radiology Tech Assistant
    - Clinical Nurse Specialist
    - Medical Practice Administrator
    - Director Clinical Research
    - Medical Science Liaison
    - Nurse Manager
    - Medical Office Coordinator
    - Patient Financial Services Reimbursement Analyst
    - Clinical Coordinator

Customer Support

    Customer support professionals are the public voices of a company. They may be part of all stages in the business process; from initial contact to issue resolution to follow up. It is important to find an individual capable of communicating information in a clear and accurate manner. McInnis Inc. pre-screens candidates to ensure that they can provide customers with a productive, positive experience.

    McInnis Inc. has placed customer support professionals in positions like:

    - Customer Service Representative
    - Call Center Director
    - Call Center Representative
    - Customer Service Manager
    - IT Help Desk Associate
    - Network Administrator
    - Network Engineer

Data Management

    Data management systems track the ebbs and flows of business. Data management professionals are a necessary tool for understanding, analyzing, and interpreting data into meaningful information. McInnis Inc. places qualified professionals with the ability to keep data management systems running efficiently.

    McInnis Inc. has placed data management professionals in positions like:

    - Data Coordinator
    - Documentation Coordinator
    - Database Analyst
    - Business Analyst

Accounting & Finance

    Accurate accounting and financial practices are the backbone of any company. Successful companies know their numbers and use them to make informed financial decisions. For this reason it is imperative to employ highly capable accounting and finance staff members. McInnis Inc. specializes in matching qualified candidates with quality companies.

    McInnis Inc. has placed accounting & finance professionals in positions like:

    - Patient Biller Coder
    - Accounts Payable Associate
    - Accounts Receivable Associate
    - Accounting Manager
    - Financial Assistant
    - Financial Sales Assistant
    - Financial Analyst
    - Manager Financial Reporting


    The support functions of a company are the connections that transform individual parts into a working whole. We carefully vet Administrative/Clerical candidates on many levels, including education, experience and ability, in order to find the most qualified and best fit individual for the position.

    McInnis Inc. has placed administrative professionals in positions like:

    - Medical Office Assistant
    - Medical Office Manager
    - Medical Assistant Secretary
    - Administrative Assistant
    - Executive Assistant
    - File Clerk
    - Sales Support Coordinator

Human Resources

    A human resources expert is the ultimate advocate for a company and its employees. They provide a large range of services which may include anything from recruiting, hiring, compensation and training to remaining aware of the legalities of these processes and the work place environment in general. We thoughtfully select candidates that have the ability to fill the specific human resources role our client companies are looking to fill.

    McInnis Inc. has placed human resources professionals in positions like:

    - HR Manager / Director
    - Compensation Analyst
    - Benefits Specialist
    - HR Manager / Director
    - HR Business Partner
    - Recruiter
    - Recruiting Assistant
    - HRIS Analyst
    - HR Assistant / Associate
    - Benefits Assistant / Associate

Sales & Marketing

      Know your market and understand their needs. The best way to get to know your market is by compiling a talented sales and marketing team. Sales and marketing professionals carefully study, analyze and use what they discover to develop customers and drive sales.

McInnis Inc. has placed sales and marketing professionals in positions like:

- Deputy Director Consumer Marketing
- Project Manager
- Marketing Manager
- Sales Representative
- Hospitality Sales Manager

Hospitality and Management